Casa Weekly

Monday, February 27, 2006

3 Year Party

On Thursday, February 23rd, we celebrated 3 years at the Casa in Rio. During these three years, CatComm's Casa do Gestor Catalisador hub for community leaders from across the Rio metro region has attracted over 1300 individuals from across the city (over 75 neighborhoods), the State of Rio, Brazil, and the world. The festivities coincided with the launch of Rio de Janeiro's 2006 carnival in the square where the Casa is located.

This year, perhaps 30,000 people were in our public square, with approximately 100 friends of CatComm -- community leaders, NGO representatives, university professors and students, and foreigners -- celebrating with us at the Casa. Some made masks. Some danced. Some sang. Some threw confetti on the onlookers below. Others bought a uniquely prepared 2006 carnival t-shirt to help support the Casa's efforts.

Here are some of the photographs from the evening's events, that began at 5pm and lasted until 11pm:

To see a short video of the early moments of the party, click here. To check out the immense crowd below, click here.

By this time next year we hope to be celebrating in a new, larger space, with full-time community radio and documentary-making workshops for leaders and a self-sustaining business model.

Join us!