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Monday, August 13, 2007

UBUZIMA: gender and race

The CatComm Gallery Presents: Ubuzima - Body and Soul, Braids Collective

During August and September 2007, CatComm's Casa is hosting a photography exhibition depicting the work of Ubuzima, a group that joins, shares, and creates opportunities for people and groups dedicated to art and work involving the Afro-Brazilian population. The name Ubuzima means "the union of body and soul," and is a Collective of African Art and Braids, formed by six you women from Porto Alegre, Brazil, now living in Rio de Janeiro.

The exhibition "Ubuzima – Body and Soul" presents part of the work of this group through photographs by community photographer Marcelus Pequeno. The exhibition's very lively launch was held on August 10th, counting the presence of a group of Canadian youth participating in a cultural exchange with Ubuzima. Check out two of the videos from the launch celebration:

VIDEO 1 (Google Video)
VIDEO 2 (YouTube)

The party was lively and music ranging from Hip-Hop to samba was played. Now, in the weeks following the launch the exhibition is hosting several activities, including a Braiding Workshop, film screening, and parade.

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